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Character Gallery

1st Prize Here you can mail your characters in and I will rate them all by playing them a short time. I would prefer if you mailed your character pic with so I donīt have to take the pic myself. The Winner will receive the Winner Jpg ( se above ) and the honor to get his or her name listed on the mainpage for 14 days.

The Characters can be downloaded by pressing on the Download text or by pressing on the Character pic.

Your characters will be rated from 1 ( bad )
to 10 ( best ) in 4 categories:

Playability - How good your character is designed
Magic - How strong the character is in magic
Weapon - How good your character is with a weapon
Fun - How fun the character is to play

I will also enter a short comment under the character

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Mail ME

Download Owner: Patrick Spinney " Redstar ". Homepage: Redstars Guide to Tamriel

Playability: 8/10
Magic: 9/10
Weapon: 6/10
Fun: 8/10
This is a highly trained character. She is highly trained to handle magic combat. This is not a archtype character, Patrick havenīt got so much imagination, so *lol*. Itīs a strong and good character which is capaple of kicking some serious butt.

Download Owner: Roman Issa. Homepage: None

Playability: 7/10
Magic: 6/10
Weapon: 8/10
Fun: 9/10
I donīt think Iīve ever played so fun a character. The name is pretty self-explaining so I did a lot of work for the locals, always taking the side thatīll get me most money. Heīs hated by the locals, yet they need his services, and I always seem to be dueled by people, a really fun character.

Download Owner: Patrick Åstrand. Homepage: The Evening Star

Playability: 7/10
Magic: 7/10
Weapon: 7/10
Fun: 8/10
Iīve had some fun playing this character. Although she uses Blunt Weapon, sheīs quite capable of putting up a good fight. It lacked some thing for me to do, I didīnt have something to do, I quested a little bit, but still this character could need some, well, character