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Tips to use in combat against the dangerous adversaries encountered in Daggerfall.


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Withdrawing combat
When faced in melee against a too strong foe, then move within striking range and attack and then withdraw backwards away from your foe. Thus you wont receive to much damage because you withdraw out of striking range before your foe strikes.

Arrows can penetrate doors
If you fire an arrow against a door it will penetrate the door and hit any opponent standing in the line of the arrow. A good trick combined with a Lock spell. Lock the door in front of you ( make sure you have an "open" spell and make sure your opponent was standing in the direct line of firing ) and fire away.

Wicked quickdraw
When faced with a situation where you wish to draw your weapon immidiatly, then enter your "Char" ( F5 ) and then from the char, enter the "Inventory" where you select your weapon. Then you exit to the "Char" ( it will do this when you press "exit" ) where you wait until the sign " Right Hand equipped " ( or whatever ) and then exit the "char" and voila, you have drawn the weapon at no time at all.

Push the monster
Some light monsters ( Rat, Skeleton ect. ) can be hit and if they´re standing with their backs close to a wall they receive extra damage from the push back into the wall. A very fun method of picking off these monsters. You can also push monsters into a hole ect. by hitting them until they reel backwards ( after a critical strike ) and into a hole HE HE. Unfortunatly they survive and they´ll be there when you return but still it gives some jolly good laughs.

Stealing from monsters
You can steal from monsters by pickpocketing them as you would normally.

Backstabbing with a bow
The bow seemed to be made for backstabbing. You can stand in the distance and get 2 backstabs at an enemy with a bow. This is VERY useful.

Mage explosive damage in range trick

When you make a offensive spell and you have the advantage Spell absorbtion - Generel you can select the spell to deal it´s effect in Explosive Damage In Range then cast it at your feet and you´ll absorb the spellpoints again.

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