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Roleplaying in Daggerfall

Daggerfall is a huge game which deserves to be explored. The gameworld in Df is large but it ain´t very fun if you just make it your goal to quickly complete the game.


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Character Generation

The first thing in which Daggerfall is very different from other RPGs is Df´s wonderful Character Generation. When I make a character I try to make it wellbalanced. A knight fx don´t need any magic and therefore magic could be ruled out. A Knight only wears Plate Armour so all other armor is restricted ect.
If you create an image of your character in your mind before you make him/her you´ll discover that you develop a sort of relationship to your character.

When it comes to the twelve questions it´s wise to ask yourself " What would your character choose ? ". And if the Ebony Dagger doesn´t come to mind when that question is asked, then make a difference and choose another thing.

You can also make your character more personal by making a flaw in the character generation which you normally wouldn´t make. For an example a mage who can´t concentrate on his spells in darkness and therefore is completly unable to cast spells in the dark.

Then when you´re finished with your character, download a Biografy editor and make your characters Biografy fit into the dis/advantages you choose in the Character Generation. Explain for example why your character is scared to death by animals ect.


Something I love is to set up a codex for my class. A Knight of the Dragon would perhaps always try to avoid killing Dragonlings and if neccesary let the dragonling attack him before he attack it.

Thus you can make your roleplaying more fun when you set up little rules like that. A thief were perhaps a son of a merchant who got robbed and then the family died of starvation and now the thief will never rob a merchant.

Honor codexes can range from easy ones, like never to kill an innocent, to difficult ones like with the thief. Make 3 or 4 rules and try to follow them. It´s very fun.


Play your class like you´ve imagined. A knight would always talk "Polite" no matter what and he would never accept a quest from King Of Worms and always accept quests where he can save innocent lives. An Assassin would take any job which involves killing for money or items and so on. Try to avoid using skills your class would never use fx a knight wouldn´t stealth, a barbarian wouldn´t talk Ettiquette ect.

This way you´re playing a character which fit into your idea and thus being more fun and difficult to play.

" Nobility and honour is not a thing that is easily acquired. But neither is evility or hatred ".

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Wrote by webmaster Christian Muff Nielsen