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This is a list of both Offensive and Defensive spells to use in Daggerfall. If you have any spells that are effective and are not listed please mail me


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Newfords Magic Door Knocker

Chance: 1-1 + 1-1 pr level
With this spell any mage, from the humblest to the great Kadreno himself, can open the doors to the stores in a town without any pityful interruptions.

Lap Yourself Together

Heal health & fatigue
Health mag.: 1-1 + 10-10 pr level. Fatigue mag.: 1-1 + 5-5 pr level
When it comes to healing, a good regeneration spell will always prevail, due to the little amount of spellpoints which are expended. But when you are down to 4 health and an anc. lich is ready to pump you full of magic, and you are waiting for the healing click from your regen. spell, itīs important to have a good heal and Lap Yourself Together is just that. Optional you could remove the Heal Fatigue to lessen the cost in both magic and money.

Kjelds Abnormal Body Protector

Regenerate health
Magnitude 1-1 + 5-5 pr level, Duration 1-1 + 5-5 pr level
A personal favourite of mine, Kjelds Abnormal Body Protector will keep you alive, and it will do this very often. Kjelds Abnormal Body Protector will keep your health high and if youīre down to 3 lp you can stop up, Cast this spell, wait a few minutes and youīre in full health again.

Svend 7

Damage Health
Magnitude 1-1 + 10-10 pr level. Explosive damage in range. Magic based
Svend 7 will slay even some of the more strong monsters instantly. Svend 7 is a great choice for the mage with Spell Absorption. Svend 7 is in a stronger version called Svend 8.

Svend 8

Damage Health
Magnitude 1-1 + 20-20. Explosive damage in range. Magic based
Svend 8 will destroy a target easily. The only drawback is the cost in magic, but that can be nullified by choosing the generel advantage Spell Absorbtion.

Be Somewhere Else

If you make this spell in the spellmaker, itīs free of charge ( must be some kind of a service the guild gives you ).

Platons Swimhall Trick

Water breathing
Duration 1-1 + 5-5 pr level
A good old jolly spell Platons Swimhall Trick enables you to draw air under water for a while.

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