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Character Generation
Character Generation

Tips to make a strong Character:


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High Elf trick

If you choose Sumerset Isle to be your province you can select the Critical Weakness - Paralysis because youīre already immune.

Weapon advice

There are only two weapons-types worth using in the game. Longblade & Archery, longblades are the most damaging melee weapon while itīs not a heavy weapon. Archery is the only non-magical mean of hitting a opponent in the distance. Archery is also quite damaging although the bows are easily destroyed.

Critical weakness advice

You should choose critical weakness to disease, poison and shock. These elements are not very dangerous if youīre careful and itīll buy you a lot of "points" in the generation chart.


If you want to complete the game you can almost forget about it if youīre NOT a mage. Magery is important especially in the dungeons and in Oblivion so make a character who can cast magic.

Imm. to Paralysis

It is very important to be imm. to paralysis. A lot of monsters use this form of attack and I never make a character who isnīt imm. to paralysis ( except to challange myself, that is ).


Survival in Daggerfall depends upon your Lp. Therefore you should always make a character have +20 lp.


You should place skills which you can train without any enemy, wall ect. ( fx jumping ) in the Primary or Major because itīs an easy boost through the levels.

" When you seek improvement through regeneration you must also be prepared to be reborn to something very different from what you were before".

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