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Tips & Tricks

Iīll teach ya every trick in the book Tips and Tricks for Daggerfall. Itīs not recommended to read any further.

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Pinching from monsters
To raise your Pickpocket ability without the interruption of fighting off three town guards if youīre not succesful, you can pickpocket the monsters in dungeons and the wilderness simply by pickpockting as you would normally.

If you visit a shop a open shop and loiter there to closing time, you can take all things from the shelves without paying a copper piece.

You can fly by holding the "p" ( run ) "j" ( jump ) button down while youre swinging your sword ( you can fly higher than with the levitate magic and when you move, you fall down. Therefore itīs totally useless,
but very fun ).

Magic Item trick
When you buy a magic item you only pay for the Enchantment and not for the material. I think the material price is as if the item was a leather item. Therefore you could buy a Daedric Daikatana of Slowfall for maybe 500 gold pieces.

" When old men tell you the secrets of life then listen, cause they have learned them through bitter experience ".

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