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Give me an Explanation, NOW !!The Elder Scrolls chapters are discussed in this chapter


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What is Daggerfall ?????

Daggerfall is the sequel to the award winning RPG game of the year in 95, Arena. Arena was a good game that featured enormous freedom in many aspects. I myself started out with Arena and though I never completed it, I still thought it was a good game. Daggerfall is much much larger than Arena and it has more depht in both gameplay and action. Daggerfall´s world is twice the size of Great Britain and though you´ve played it for a year or two ( like I have ), you can still find things that amaze you in this complex world.

Daggerfall is in many ways not a full game, like you´ve sometimes been led to believe by reading early FAQs and such. The conversation system isn´t as good as they claim and so on. But still it´s a good game and when it all comes down to the core, the game could NEVER feature all those things when Bethesda only made it in one year.

This game is also the game that cracks MOST of all games I´ve ever played. Although the patches fix most of these problems, the game still cracks a lot of times especially on small computers that use W95. I always play Daggerfall over DOS although DOS do not generate as much memory as W95 it runs more safely in DOS than W95 unless you ( like I ) have a computer with 32 ram and a Pentium 166 or higher.

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