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DonŽt try theese at home kids. It will blast all the fun out off the game.


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General cheats

1st step.
( YouŽll need the 1.07.212 patch to get these cheats work ) Edit your z.cgf ( found in the Daggerfall main dir ) and add the words CHEATMODE and set it to 1.

2nd step.
While in the game ( playing a character ) you can press the following buttons:
"1" = Makes you move at x6 speed
"Ctrl F1" = Activates all map locations
"Ctrl F4" = Invulnerability
"Alt F12" = Takes you to the last object you were standing on ( good for getting out of the void ).
"[" and "]" = Takes you to the quest locations in a dungeon
"-" and "=" = Raises you rep ( - ) and your skills ( = )

Magic item repair cheat

For people wishing to use the repair objects item maker advantage on their magic items, a new z.cfg variable has been added. It is called MAGICREPAIR and you set it to 1. When that is set, the repair objects item maker advantage repairs your magic items. If you wish to disable this ability, set MAGICREPAIR to 0.

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If thereŽs not a menu bar on the left side of the screen press

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