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Welcome to the Daggerfall Compendium

The compendium is a site about Daggerfall, The Elder Scrolls chapter 2. This is an award winning serie of CRPG games which feature enormous freedom of movement. The game is quite realistic, you can fx be accused of murder if you slaughter townies and such. For more information about The Elder Scrolls, then visit The Elder Scrolls mainchapter through the left frame.

The compendium is, as every compendium is, listed in chapters. On the left framebar youŽll find the main chapters. If you let the pointer hover a sec. over the chapter name, youŽll see what subjects the chapter holds information of.

You can also jump to the Compendium list in bottom of this page for a quick summary of the different chapters.

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Compendium List

The Chapters are made as follows:

  • Character Generation. Tips for custom character generation
  • Combat Tips. Expert combat tips
  • Spellbook. The webmasters own Spellbook
  • Guilds. The different ranks, advantages and demands for every guild in Daggerfall

  • Beastary. Complete list of monsters, with pic, description, where to be found and stats
  • Diseases. All the diseases in daggerfall, with a description of what attributes they drain

    Tips & Cheats:
  • Tips & Tricks. Non-combat tips & tricks. Use the bugs in the game to your advantage
  • Cheats. The official cheat codes from Bethesda. You can fx. become immortal and more

    Character Gallery:
  • Character Gallery. These two weeks contest for getting the best character on the WWW

    Daedra Princes:
  • Summoning Dates. Learn when to summon the powerful daedra to obtain an artifact
  • Artifact. List over the powerful artifacts

    The Elder Scrolls:
  • TES: Maingames. The maingames of TES, Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion
  • TES: Adventures. A sideproduction in TES. The first game in this serie will be Redguard
  • TES: Legends. Another sideproduction in TES. The first game, named Battlespire, is out
    Wrote by webmaster Christian Muff Nielsen

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    is owned by Christian Muffen Nielsen.

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