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Character Generation
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This chapter deals with help to create a character that kicks butt. For your convenience you can just click on the section you wish to get tips for and you´ll jump to the part.

Attributes Skills Lifepoints Reputation Dis/Advantages Biografy


Attributes are the raw material of your character. It is your attributes that decide how easy the skills rises. Each and every skill have a attribute that decide how easy the skill rise. Therefore your skills should be in harmony with the attribute they are connectet to. Fx if your primary skills are Longblade ( agility ), Stealth ( Agility ) and Mercantile ( Personality ) you should take some of the attributes your minor, major and primary skills don´t use and take points from those and add it to your Agility and Personality

Strength is sometimes useful. It has a good lot of skills connectet to it, but most of the skills that are connectet to it aren´t useful. I almost never have a Strength connectet skill before the Minor box. I normally don´t mess around with strengh and let it stay around 50

There aren´t many skills connectet to Intelligence, but it´s essential for any mage who wish a lot of spellpoints. Spellpoints are connectet to Intelligence so it should go around 70 if you´re a mage. If you´re not, then just drop it to 10

The skills that are connectet to willpower is the magic skills. Willpower also affects how good the chances are of making a succesful throw against any magic. Willpower should be 60-70 if you´re a mage. If not, it should be 40-50

Agility is the attribute with most useful skills connectet to it. Backstab, Longblade, Stealth, Critical Strike and so on, the list of useful skills in Agility is endless. Agility is a must for warriors as well as any class who wish to fight with longblade. Agility affects your Armour so it should´nt be to low. All my characters have 75 as starting Agility.

Not many skills connectet to it. Endurance is in my opinion the 2nd most useless attribute. Of course it might give you a few extra LP and a little more Fatigue but what useful skills are connectet to it ? NONE. Drop this to 10

This is a total give-away. There are 3 skills connectet to this and 2 of them seems pretty useless. Mercantile is of course always a good Minor but it doesn´t shake the world. If you take the time to ask the people in all three modes you´ll 90% of the times get an answer from at least trying one of the modes. This attribute should be 10

When you look at it, speed doesn´t have many skills connectet to it, yet it´s so useful when fighting. It´s brilliant to attack 4 times as fast as your opponent and that will give you the advantage anytime, even when fighting with a weapon you only have 10 % in. Besides that, the Running skill is connectet to it. Running is very useful and it´s a safe Major or Primary on my char because it rises easily and it good for getting away. This ability should always be 75

Luck is a general modifier for any action you take, whether it´s attacking, seaching a dead corpse for good stuff or stealing from your fellow man. There aren´t any attributes connectet to it but I usually leave it at 40 or 50.


Skills are the base of your character. Almost any thing you do, from fighting to sleeping, has a skill connectet to it. Some of the skills aren´t very useful ( the language skills ) and some of them like Longblade are very useful. I´ll list some of the most useful and some of the most useless.

Useful skills:

The skill you use when fighting with a longbladed weapon fx Longsword or Dai-Katana. Longblade is one of the only two weapons worth using, the other one being Archery. Longbladed weapons are those which deals most damage and are most effective. Longblade should not be used against Skeletons though, then they only deal ˝ damage. Longblade is always a Primary in my characters.

Archery is the only long range weapon, Archery applies to any bow and is one of the most damaging weapons. It uses arrows as ammonition and it´s perfect for backstabbing because when you reach 40% in it you´ll almost always hit your target, regardless of the distance to it. Archery rises easy too and is a Major on most of my characters.

Critical Strike
Critical strike is a chance in % for dealing double damage when hitting an opponent. It is a perfect skill for anybody using any weapon because if you place it in Misc. it will rise pretty fastly because it´s used anytime you enter a combat. The effects of critical strike when you hit an opponent is that the opponent reel back from the hit. This skill is a Major or Primary skill.

Backstabbing is when you can get up in the back of an enemy and drive your weapon in to it. If you succed then a message wil appear at the top of the screen saying: Succesful Backstab ! When you succesfully backstab an enemy you deal x3 damage and the enemy will reel forward. To backstab you need to stand in the direct angle to the opponents back, only when you have 40% or higher in backstab, can you backstab him in 45 degree angle. This is also a Major skill on most of my characters.

Stealth is a supereffective and quick rising skill. Stealth is when you try to sneak against an opponent. It´s used when you have an opponent nearby and then you hold the Alt button down to move at 40% speed. Stealth combined with a high speed, a good critical strike and a good backstab can win you any battle without you getting any damage. This is because the turn rate of the opponent is very slow and you can, with a high speed, backstab twice and then use critical strike 2 times before the enemy has his face turned against the front.

Running is a brilliant skill. It can be used to jump longer and to get away from opponents and can be used anytime. It´s easy to use and a sure Major or Primary on my chars.

Useless skills:

Language Skills
All the language skills are pretty useless. They almost never work and to get them to rise is a small science.

Streetwise and Ettiquette
These are pretty useless and is not recommended. To get them to rise you´ve got to have a high personality and if you have a high personality what would you need language skills for.

The Weapon Skills except Longblade and Archery
These are pretty useless since longblade is the most damaging weapon and archery is the only ranged weapon.


Lifepoints determines how many Lp you´ll start with and how many Lp you gain when you rise a level. The starting Lp is determined by the number of Lp in the char +25. When you rise a level then you gain between ˝ of the Lp in the char to the max of the Lp in the char plus extra modifiers ( Endurance ). It´s a good idea to have between 23-30 Lp couse they´ll come in pretty handy most of the times.


Reputations should be determined by how your character is. If he´s a cleric of some sorts then to the top with the Scholars and down with Underworld.


A list of the Advantages with a description:

Acute Hearing - Costs little, Very little effect. Not useful

Adrenaline Rush - Costs a good deal. Supposedly raises your figting abilities in "Near Death" situations.

Atheleticism - Cost as much as Adrenaline Rush. Raises your fatigue and your physical abilities .

Bonus to hit ( Humanoid, Undead, Daedra, Animals ) - This is quite costly. This is not a useful advantage, why do you want to spend your costly points for getting a bonus to hit ? I can´t see a reason why !

Expertice in ( Axe, Blunt Weapon, Hand to Hand, Longblade, Missile Weapon, Short Blade ) - Not very costly. These are sometimes useful for Longblade and Archery. Expertice improves your damage capacity and the chance to hit.

Immunity to ( Disease, Fire, Frost, Magic, Paralyse, Poison, Shock ) - The second most costly advantage. Paralyzation and Magic is quite useful.

Regenerate Health ( General, In lights, In Darkenss, While immersed in water ) - The most costly advantage. General is sometimes efficient because of the healing rate and the advantage of gaining Lp while pausing.