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Character Gallery
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Optimized for Ie4.0, 800x600 16 bit colors. Made in notepad by mcmuff.

Welcome to an unique chapter of this Compendium, the Gallery. The Gallery is a competition spanning over 2 weeks. This comptitions goal is to create a character judged worthy ( by me ) to receive the Best Character Of The WWW award.
Prize sample
The competitions starts every two weeks. I will rank all characters I receive and you can check your placement the day the competition ends.

These Two Weeks of competition span between: 13th to 27 of June

IMPORTANT: Please tell me if you have a homepage and how many starting Lifepoints your characters have.

I will rate all characters in 4 categories:
Playability - How easy the character is to play with
Magic - How strong the character is in magic
Weapon - How strong the character is with a weapon
Fun - How fun the character is to play

I will also enter a short comment below each character